Hello there 

I am a professional copywriter and editor who enjoys collaborating to produce inspiring content for print and digital platforms. I am also an emerging ceramicist with a passion for creativity and thoughtful, handcrafted objects. 

ON WORDS ... I work with a range of clients to support and progress their specific content development and communication needs. I am particularly interested in the convergence of art, design and learning to live more sustainably. The stories behind people working in relation to these fields make me curious. I'm driven to help them shine light on their efforts and share their insights. My editorial work spans a broad range of text and documents, including bios, media releases, website copy, reports, artist books, guides, and university textbooks.  

I'm currently a regular contributor of Brisbane and surrounding area stories to popular blog, The Design Files, and my words have appeared in various other publications including The Planthunter, Green MagazinePeppermintHome Beautiful, and NZ Homestyle. I have an Arts degree in English, a Graduate Certificate in Writing, Editing and Publishing, and extensive experience working for some of Australia's leading educational publishers.

ON CLAY ... After becoming a parent, I grew very interested in enhancing the aesthetics of my everyday experience with beautiful, functional handcrafted objects - all of a sudden my daily rituals, such as drinking tea, were providing more poignant respite than ever before! My interest was sealed with a family trip to the UK and Provence, France, in 2012. I sought out handmade ceramics wherever we went. One morning we were exploring the bustling Saturday morning markets in Apt (Provence) and I found myself drawn to the colourful atelier of a local ceramicist. Standing amid the precarious stacks of handmade, painted pots, each one slightly different from the next, I was filled with joy and awe - I had never seen a space full to the brim of tableware with such character! I vowed to myself that I would start a ceramics course in the new year. And I did. Since then, I have spent a morning each week studying ceramics at a local institute. Over time I have set up a little work space at home, acquired some basic equipment, and I am slowly deepening my practice. I am currently focused on producing functional work with a quiet, sculptural quality.