Hello there! 

I'm a professional copywriter and editor who enjoys collaborating to produce inspiring content for print and digital platforms. I'm also an emerging ceramicist with a passion for creativity. 

ON WORDS ... I work with a range of clients to progress their communication and content development needs - together we articulate ideas, create targeted content, and develop strategies for sharing it. My work includes producing website copy, feature articles, media releases, bios, book copy, brochure blurbs; and managing editorial projects such as monographs, guides and educational texts. I also assist clients with customised, small-scale media and PR campaigns. I'm particularly interested in culture, art, design, and exploring healthier, more sustainable lifestyles. The stories behind people working in these fields make me curious. I'm driven to help them shine light on their efforts and share their insights. 

I've recently launched a long-form storytelling project called Space & Process with my colleague, Mindi Cooke. You can also find some of my work on popular blog, The Design Files, where I'm a regular contributor of Brisbane stories. My words have appeared in other publications including The Planthunter, Green MagazinePeppermintHome Beautiful, and NZ Homestyle. With an Arts degree in English, and a Graduate Certificate in Writing, Editing and Publishing, I've gained extensive experience working for some of Australia's leading educational and creative publishers.

ON CLAY ... Delighting in beauty amid everyday experience is important and handcrafted ceramics really stoke my inner fire. From 2013-16 I studied ceramics regularly at a local institute. Now I enjoy slowly evolving my practice from a workspace at home. I focus on handbuilding vessels with a quiet, sculptural quality; the finality of each complete object contrasts with the constant cyclic nature of today's busy world.