• Copywriting (collaborating to produce feature articles, website copy, blog posts, bios, blurbs, press releases, artist profiles/reviews, catalogue copy, etc)
  • Substantive/Development Editing (a macro-level developmental process of evaluating and refining content intent and structure in a manuscript or document)
  • Copy Editing (a micro-level process of reviewing website copy, documents, book manuscripts, etc, for consistency of style and layout, and correct grammar (syntax), punctuation and spelling)
  • Proofreading (a final proofing of a fully developed, copy-edited document or manuscript- note that copy editing and proofing can be combined for a more economical service option)
  • Editorial Project Management (managing the production of content projects from start to finish, overseeing content development and production - liaising with authors, contributors, editors, and designers)
  • Production Co-ordination (I've previously co-ordinated the production of short educational video productions, and in 2015 I co-curated a group ceramics exhibition called 'Connectivity' which featured the work of 8 local artists)
  • Customised, small-scale media & PR campaigns (I've worked with a number of independent artists to develop targeted media campaigns to help promote their work at key times of growth and development)