"I have a creative crush on my collaborator, Jo Hoban, who plays a vital role in my publishing efforts. She adds so much value to the editorial and writing processes, and is always a pleasure to work with. While I work with Jo frequently she is constantly exceeding my (already high) expectations with the enthusiasm and care she brings to her work, which is why I look forward to working with her on many projects, in many capacities, for many years to come...

As an editor, Jo always takes the time not only to polish my words but to help me learn about the mechanics of writing, and to give me guidance and insight into the reader experience. Whether the outcome is a printed periodical like the TypographJournal, a book, or an article for a digital platform, working with Jo elevates my confidence in sharing my ideas with the world. She does a fantastic job of making my passionate (but at times incoherent and nonsensical) ramblings make better sense to others, as well as myself! As a writer, Jo takes the time to research and understand her subjects, ensuring that each piece she crafts is thoughtfully considered, easily understood and engaging to the target audience. It's a pleasure to see her passion for creative subjects channel through her writing." Nicole Arnett Phillips, Designer, Visual Communicator and Author

"Jo is a true professional. Her work is well-researched, considered, and she meets desired briefs and deadlines with ease. Jo is a reliable, genuine and talented individual with a zen-like presence that makes her an absolute pleasure to work and collaborate with. Her words are always beautifully delivered and emotive." Lyndel Miller, Food and Interiors Stylist

"Thank you for your very useful comments. It is a refreshing change to have a copy editor who is actually taking an informed interest in the work instead of just attending to grammar and format! As you know, we have several books with four different publishers and have often had to address inappropriate copy edited alterations, which has been frustrating and demanding." Kathryn & David Geldard, Authors

"Jo Hoban brings a high level of professionalism to her projects, with constant attention to detail as well as calm management of the many-layered elements and issues associated with complex video and digital projects. Her presence and contribution is valuable, supportive and effective." Rod Campbell, Author & Educator

"Thanks so much for your work - the quality of the copy edit is the best I have ever had." Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett, QUT Business School

"Thanks for the excellent job you've done on the copy edit. As well as doing a professionally painstaking job, of the copy editors we've worked with over five editions you have been the most thoughtful and the most sympathetic to what the guide is about." Frances Rowland, Author